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  • Company: Interstate Audio B.V.
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Newhank Manager 06/30/2021
Hardware Manager 06/30/2021
Stream IT Manager 06/30/2021
Software Manager 06/30/2021
Example projects Manager 07/19/2021
Lua Manager 08/23/2021
Lua Device Drivers Manager 08/23/2021
Lua module project controller Manager 08/23/2021
Solaro Console Manager 08/25/2021



07:36 PM Lua Device Drivers Bug #18 (In Progress): LPU2 Driver
Hi David,
I do not recognize this behaviour. The Lua Driver is big because it has so many pages, that's only graph...
Hylke Woudt


03:17 AM Lua Device Drivers Custom_Denon_DN-500BD_MKII.xml
Hylke Woudt


05:50 PM Lua Device Drivers Feature #14 (In Progress): Sennheiser TCC2 True Voice Lift addition
In the latest TCC2 firmware the function "True Voice Lift" was added, can we extend the Lua driver with this function... Hylke Woudt


11:41 PM Lua Device Drivers Custom_NewHank_HM4x4_V1-1-0.xml
Hylke Woudt
11:41 PM Lua Device Drivers Custom_NewHank_HM8x8_V1-1-0.xml
Hylke Woudt


11:00 PM Lua Device Drivers
Hylke Woudt


05:37 PM Lua Device Drivers Custom_Visual_Productions_Cuecore2.xml
Visual Productions Cuecore 2 driver Hylke Woudt
05:35 PM Lua Device Drivers Custom_Visual_Productions_CUETY_LPU2.xml
Visual Productions CUETY LPU2 driver Hylke Woudt
04:59 PM Solaro Console V3.02Firmwareupgrade.pdf
Firmware Update Manual Hylke Woudt
04:58 PM Solaro Console V3.02USBCONNECT.pdf
USB connect manual Hylke Woudt

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